When talking about refunds, airlines often make the situation worse than it already is and many customers just can’t be bothered anymore with their ticket refunds. That then leads to airlines selling the same seat on the same flight several times and the customer paying full-price for a ticket he didn’t even use. geld-fuer-flug.de, a German startup, is now here to tackle the problem.

The Idea

To eliminate the often month-long hassle of fighting with airlines, geld-fuer-flug.de will allow you to solve the situation in a matter of hours, maybe even minutes.

The startup provides a form for you to fill out with all the relevant data. Once completed, geld-fuer-flug.de will evaluate the chances of getting the money back and will then respond with an offer to buy the flight of you. If you accept, then all is in the hands of the German startup and you have to worry no more. Currently the service is being offered in German, English, Russian and French.

A pretty neat idea!

Via: Internetworld.de

For the German speaking, here is the official promotional video.


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