Now, this is not some random rumour we picked up from your small across-the-road news site, but it was CEO and founder of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, who asked his Twitter followers what their perfect flying experience would look like and recently confirmed that Airbnb is indeed serious considering options.

It’s Going to Be Disruptive

Now, there’s still no confirmation at all whether Airbnb will enter the aviation business. However, if Chesky wouldn’t have wanted people to get the idea, he wouldn’t have put out the post last year. Also, in a recent interview with The Sunday Times, he confirmed that ideas are being “seriously considered” to enter the “end-to-end trip business”.

If so, it will almost certainly be no airline in the form we know right now. It is no secret that the airline business is a very tough ground and the initial investments are enormous whilst the returns are uncertain.

In typical Airbnb fashion, it ought to be something disruptive, something that has in that shape or form has never been done before.

Last year, in the Twitter replies, when confronted with various airships of our history, Chesky expressed his love for the Airlander, a British-built hybrid airship, using aerodynamic lift as well as helium to go airborne.

Hybrid Air Vehicles airlander

Various airlines were also discussed and the words “cheap”, “electric” and “supersonic” were mentioned.


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