It really sounds too good to be true: Pay a monthly fee and jet of wherever you like. With Surf Air you can’t quite go anywhere you like but the rest definitely holds true – a completely new way of flying.

How it works

Surf Air, who has been operating in the US since 2013, is now also offering its services in Europe.

The idea is simple, you pay a monthly fee and can take advantage of as many scheduled Surf Air flights as you like. Current destinations include cities such as London, Munich, Milan or Zurich.

Prices for the All You Can Fly membership start at £1,750/ month, depending on the package you choose.

Members receive a very personalised but also time-saving experience. No more queues, no more long-winding security checks, no more unnecessary waiting and you can book a ticket within seconds.

The product is mainly aimed at business customers right now, but who knows if the company can prove itself successful in Europe, different offers might join its portfolio or even some of the big airlines might make use of the concept.

Surf Air offers the Escapes membership as well, which allows you, after paying an annual fee, to fly for fixed prices on Surf Air routes during the weekend.



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