Ireland, the country of the friendly, and especially Dublin stands out as a prime example. But why is that? How come, one of the friendliest cities/ countries world-wide is located in an area where it rains nearly on a daily basis?

Friendliness is Embedded in the Irish Culture

Irish flag CC0The Irish have quite a rough history to look back onto. Devastating wars and conflicts led to many deaths but also a new perspective on life. When one sees the worst, they begin to re-appreciate even the most basic things, resulting in a very positive attitude and overall friendliness.

No wonder, Dublin constantly ranks amongst the world’s friendliest cities. The internet is full of people expressing their love for the capital of the Republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland, big difference.

People not only tell stories of Irish locals showing them the way, but actually bringing them to their desired destination or making sure that one is on the right route, and always doing so with a smile on their face.

The Irish Are Proud of Their Culture

Like many people from English-speaking countries, the Irish are deeply connected with their culture and are proud of where they are from. Take March 17 as an example – Saint Patrick’s Day. The only day in the year where an already very green country becomes even greener, and people around the world celebrate Irish culture and honour the death of St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint.

The Beer is Good

Beer from above CC0Pubs and their culture are really one of Ireland’s stand-out features and especially Dublin is full of them.

But enjoying a fresh pint is not what it is about, not only at least. Whilst beer is served in various colours and forms, the social interaction is what really makes Ireland’s pubs so special. No matter if one is an Irish local or a tourist from far away, many people have reported that going for a quick drink can result in hour-long conversations with locals, making friends and sharing memories.

Although you may not be the first and maybe not the second tourist in Ireland, rest assured that you are being welcomed with open arms!


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