The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has made available, an app that allows users to connect to various hotspots around Italy, for free!

Wi-Fi symbol CC0Free Wi-Fi in Italy? How’s that supposed to work?

It’s very easy. Once in Italy, download the App, available either for Android or iOS, get yourself registered and you are good to go.

Apparently, over 28.000 Wi-Fi hotspots are set-up around the country, waiting for your connection.

And this is not by any means an exclusive for Italian citizens. Tourists are just as welcome as locals to participate in the programme. In fact, the whole project was initiated as part of the protocol “for the dissemination of intelligent platforms to the service of tourists on Italian territory”.

Since getting data abroad is not always easy or cheap, free Wi-Fi is a very welcome addition, even if it may be not the fastest right now.

And this is only the beginning. The project kicked off during summer 2017. Over time, even more hotspots are supposed to be added. An ideal way for work or sharing memories, just as they happen.

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