In a way, Japan is known for its sometimes rather different products or ideas. First Airlines really marks no exception, as it offers flights, which don’t actually fly.


Instead, you get the whole in-flight experience in a room designed to look like the interior of an aeroplane. There are even stewards and stewardesses which provide with all kinds of services, including catering, during your “flight”.

Once “arrived”, you can get a tour of your destination in virtual reality!

Flights take 110 minutes, and since you aren’t actually boarding a real plane, prices for business class or even first class can be held at less than 100 US dollars.

The idea was born with the intention to provide the travel experience even for those, whose time is especially limited due to their jobs, which especially in Japan is quite common. With virtual reality gaining more and more traction, this could be one part of the future of flying.

Would you board such a “flight”?

Via: General Anzeigen Bonn

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