Ryanair, an Irish airline known for its low prices, will be cancelling hundreds of its flights in the next six weeks.

How come Ryanair is cancelling so many flights?

There are two main reasons which lead to all of the flights being cancelled.

  1. Punctuality
    Ryanair’s punctuality rate has fallen below 80 percent in the first half of September, which the airline deems “unacceptable”.
  2. Staff leaving
    Apparently, Ryanair is short on staff. Many employees have left and not enough new ones have been recruited just yet.

Am I affected?

40 to 50 flights a day (!) are affected and cancellations often come up on short notice. Should you be one of the passengers on a cancelled flight, luckily, you are entitled to compensation. For claiming compensation, head here.

Ryanair will also offer the possibilities of rebooking or refunding your flight.

And as you can imagine, so far, the response by the affected customers has been anything but positive.

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