Air France-KLM – the holding company for the Air France and KLM airlines – has introduced a revamped Flying Blue loyalty programme with the overall goal of creating a simpler and more understandable way of how miles can be used within the group.

More Miles!

As of April 1 2018, Flying Blue Ivory, Silver, Gold and Platinum members will be awarded miles for every (!) euro they spend on a plane ticket. (Excluding government taxes and fees)

In future, Flying Blue members will just have to multiply their ticket price with 4, 6, 7 or 8, depending on their membership status, to work out how many miles will be awarded per Air France, KLM, HOP! or Joon flight.

Passengers can increase the number of miles awarded by purchasing food on-flight, extra baggage allowance or reserving Economy Comfort seats. Previously accumulated miles will remain through the change.

Spending Miles

From June 2018 onwards, Award tickets for flights with previously mentioned airlines and Transavia will no longer be limited. In short, every flight can be purchased solely with miles. Costs will depend on origin, destination and flight date. Should one not have enough miles, as a Flying Blue member, up to 25 percent can be paid in cash as well.

Level Progression

To progress through the various levels of membership, experience points – XP – will be needed in future. This means that the membership level is more or less independent form the miles accumulated or the flights taken.

  • Silver = 100 XP
  • Gold = 180 XP
  • Platinum = 300 XP

Flying Blue members are given a twelve-month period to achieve one of the levels. Once time runs out or a level has been achieved, the counter will be reset and if the latter is the case, the membership level will be of course upgraded as well.

Here is a summary of how many XP are awarded per flight.

Air France KLM XP

Images: Air France-KLM

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