Singapore Airlines is making best use of one of the latest Airbus models by making them fly the longest route in the world (by distance) – Singapore – New York!

Can We Actually Fly Routes that Long?

With the new Airbus A350-900ULR – ULR meaning ultra-long range – Singapore Airlines is convinced that the route can be done in the utmost comfort and also with better efficiency.

Contributing to the comfort is also the fact that the planes will only fly in a two-class layout, Premium Economy and Business class, which also shows who this flight is mainly aimed for.

In fact, Singapore Airlines has run the 10.300-mile (over 16.500 kilometres) 19-hour route before. However, a smaller plane with fewer and only Business Class seats made it impossible for the airline to make it work financially. Now, it is relaunching the route in October.

Singapore Airlines even has plans to launch a non-stop Los Angeles – Singapore flight in the future!

The route below is not accurate, but it is just supposed to give you an idea of the distance. You can check out the longest flights up until now right here.

Via: Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance

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