It was only a couple of days ago, when Ryanair announced that it would be cancelling up to 50 flights during the next six weeks but only on very short notice. Now, finally, the Irish budget airliner has published a full list of the flights affected.

Where can I find the list?

Easy, just head here. Simply click on the matching time period for your flight and the website will present you with a full list of the cancelled flights in that period.

Although this may sound like much, only less than two percent of Ryanair’s flights are affected.

The site with the cancelled flights also offers you possibilities for rebooking or claiming refunds.

What do other airlines say?

As you can imagine, customer satisfaction is not very high right now at Ryanair, hence, other budget airlines are trying to take advantage of the situation. One of them is the Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings.

On Twitter, the German airline posted an image of Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, with a caption, punning the CEO’s surname.

Ryanair has yet to react.

For our German readers, Eurowings did another post:

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