Now, would you look at this. That’s what you would call unique, and the outside is just the beginning of the China Eastern Airlines aeroplane themed after non other than the infamous Toy Story movie series!

Cool! But Why?

Sometimes that isn’t really the right question to ask. In this case, the plane is a collaboration between China Eastern Airlines and the Shanghai Disney Resort.

Is it really unique?

Apart from the exterior, the plane’s interior is not shy of inspiration from Toy Story – the movie series that kicked off the great success of Pixar! – either. Painted ceilings, seats, cushions, tables …

Even the check-in machines are customs, and it are not only Woody and Buzz Lightyear who will accompany you during your journey, but other stars of the movies like the potato heads or the Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear (Lotso).

Toy Story check in machines

And if you still need to catch up on what this is all about, in-flight entertainment has you covered.

The plane will be taking on domestic flights in the China/ Asia area.

Take a look!

Via: Forbes, images: Disney

Toy Story aeroplane 1

Toy Story aeroplane 3

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