In-flight entertainment on those long-haul flights is always a nice way to kill time, especially when there is a nice selection of movies/ series/ podcasts/ music.. But did you know that you can check the list of in-flight entertainment contents pre-flight?


Most airlines offer the info online. In this case we will go by the example of Air Canada.


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Once you know which flight you will be on, head here and type in from which airport you are departing, where you are heading and when you are doing so.

Hitting enter will then present you with the choices of entertainment you will have on your flight!

For other airlines, look out for the in-flight entertainment section.

Who Has the Best In-Flight Entertainment?

According to passengers, it is Emirates. The Dubai-based airline received the trophy for best in-flight entertainment at this year’s APEX exhibition (an event dedicated to the airline passenger experience) and it was not the first time either.

The award is based on ratings collected by actual passengers over the last year.

Emirates’ entertainment system goes by the name of ICE and you can check out more details here.

By the way, Emirates’ competition also found different ways of providing unique in-flight entertainment…


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