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Win a free stay in Bali Indonesia!

We had the chance to visit Zen Resort in Bali, Indonesia for three days experiencing everything their property had to offer. The resort features villas with private pools, a fully inclusive ayurveda spa, sunrise meditation/yoga every morning, and some of the best food...

Jabbrrbox – A Private Airport Lounge

For people who do a lot of focused work on the go, there is a major problem with airports – there is no quiet and private place to get some work done. Airport lounges do exist, but access is limited and even they can get quite “crowded”. The Jabbrrbox is now here not...

The End of Virgin America – How Things Will Carry On

A several billion-dollar strong deal has went through and over-night nearly all Virgin America branding has disappeared. Here’s how things will continue. The Lucky Buyer Has Other Plans The lucky buyer – Alaska Airlines that is – will not carry on offering Virgin...

A German Startup is Here to Fight for Your Ticket Refunds

When talking about refunds, airlines often make the situation worse than it already is and many customers just can’t be bothered anymore with their ticket refunds. That then leads to airlines selling the same seat on the same flight several times and the customer...

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