Finnish Finnair made the best of Friday 13th by pointing out an odd pun in combination with a matching flight number – Flight AY666 from Copenhagen to Helsinki, CPH to HEL(L).

Well, That’s Coincidental

It is actually not as random as you would think. In fact, Flights from Copenhagen to HEL with flight number AY666 have operated 21 times on the 13th Friday of a month in eleven years already but they won’t continue to do so in the future. Last week’s flight to HEL marks the last of its kind, since Finnair will be changing its flight number to AY954 on October 29th.

The route will stay the same, just its name will change. The Finnish airline pointed out though that the change was made due its growing number of lights and it was not of any superstitious nature.

However, Finnair couldn’t resist pointing out that flights from SIN to HEL, Singapore to Helsinki, were still on offer as well.

It goes without saying that all is in good humour and it is great to see some airlines mixing up the daily routine a little bit. Just as Eurowings did with the Ryanair cancellations a couple of weeks ago.

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