You thought a one-hour flight was short? Well, I’m afraid that I have to prove you wrong. In fact, the list of the world’s shortest flights include routes that only take a couple of minutes (!) to complete.

What is the shortest flight?

Bear in mind, this of course does not take time differences into account. That being said, the world’s shortest scheduled flight currently operates in Scotland. It connects the two Orkney islands Westray and Papa Westray.

Since 1967 the flight has been going and it has been a Loganair, a local Scottish airline, exclusive ever since.

On average, a flight will take about 90 – 120 seconds, but if the weather conditions are right, it could even take less than 60, whilst covering a distance of 2.7 kilometres.

And in case you are wondering, yes, the whole project is subsidised.

What’s the shortest international flight?

The shortest international flight only took 8 minutes to complete and flew between Swiss St Gallen and German Friedrichshafen.

The airline in charge was Austrian People’s Viennaline, but unfortunately operation came to an end this year, due to not enough people using the service.

What about the longest flights?

Fear not, we have you covered. Head here.

Image: Loganair


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