Using Telegram? Yes? Good. Because your favourite travel deals site – JOURJOUR Deals of course ?? – now has its own channels just for you! The cool thing, you will never miss out on any deals anymore, as you will receive them right as they go live.

JOURJOUR Deals on Telegram? How does it work?

Getting the whole setup to work is dead simple. Depending on where you live, click on the corresponding link in the list below and you are part of the JOURJOUR Deals Telegram channel of your choice! Doing so from a mobile device is recommended. Latest deals and posts will be pushed right through your Telegram app.

  • Africa? Head here.
  • Asia? Head here.
  • Europe? Head here.
  • North America? Head here.
  • Oceania? Head here.
  • South and Central America? Head here.

You also can join several channels and mute/unmute them to your needs of travel announcements.

Don’t have Telegram yet?

Telegram is a messaging service. I know, not the only out there. However, it does offer some stand-out features, e.g. afore mentioned channels. Moreover, it is supposed to be very secure, fast and even customisable, thanks to its developer-friendly API, according to the Telegram FAQ.

If you are not convinced however, no rush. You can try it out on basically all platforms, see what you think, and then uninstall it again, should it not tickle your fancy. By the way, the app is completely free and funded by a Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durow.

‎Telegram Messenger
‎Telegram Messenger
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free+
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

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