Finnair only just recently appeared in our blog for offering flights to HEL. The Scandinavian airline now again caught our attention for starting to weigh passengers pre-flight. Sounds strange? The airline’s explanation is pretty reasonable though.

What’s this all about?

The problem not only Finnair but every airline has is that fuel costs and consumptions cannot be calculated accurately, since only parts of the actual weight of the plane are known. Passenger weight always has to be estimated.

To get a better idea of how heavy an aeroplane is on a given flight and how much fuel is being used, Finnair has now started to weigh passengers at Helsinki airport, after getting the passengers’ go-ahead obviously.

Although the procedure is optional, quite a few passengers have already participated in the trial.

Until now, the average weights used for calculations were about 84,6kg for male, 66,5kg for female passengers and 30,7kg for children under 12.

Via: Yahoo


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