It really sounds quite spectacular and maybe even a bit intimidating at the same time as VW, respectively Porsche and Audi as well, together with Hamburg’s Helmut Schmidt airport outline the possible future of airport parking!

How is it Supposed to Work?

In a future version of airports, you’ll just rock up in your car, but at the car park’s entrance just take your luggage, lock your car and leave. Whilst you are on your way to your flight, your car will then continue its journey through the car park on its own, find a parking space and wait for you to return.

Once you’re back, you’ll just call up your car via an app, and it will be ready waiting for you when you leave the airport. You might even have more to look forward to, as the car’s boot can be used as a delivery address while you’re gone as well!

But there are even more advantages than just pure convenience. Since you don’t have to get in and out of your parked car any more, cars can park a lot closer to each other, freeing up extra space for more cars to park. Hamburg’s Helmut Schmidt airport realised this too and is temporarily providing parts of its car parks for testing purposes!

And actually, all of this could only be a couple of years away!

Via: Hamburger Abendblatt

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