Not only is Disney building two massive theme parks as part of Disney Land Anaheim and Disney World called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but the Orlando location will even receive a dedicated Star Wars-themed hotel!

Star Wars? Tell me more!

This is not just your ordinary hotel, or a hotel with some decoration. It is the experience every Star Wars fan has been looking for. Every guest receives a costume and by crossing the doorstep, is part of a whole little universe of its own, resembling the legendary creation of George Lucas. Employees remain in character all the time and many familiar faces from the movies will be wondering around the hotel too.

Star Wars Hotel Orlando, USA 3

You might also be sent on little missions, which are all part of the story you participate in.

The hotel itself will resemble a spaceship – in space. Hence, looking through the windows will give you a look at, well, space, making the whole experience even more immersive.

Disney is looking to complete the project by 2019 and more details are supposed to follow soon.

Images: Disney Parks Blog

Star Wars Hotel Orlando, USA 2

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