For people who do a lot of focused work on the go, there is a major problem with airports – there is no quiet and private place to get some work done. Airport lounges do exist, but access is limited and even they can get quite “crowded”. The Jabbrrbox is now here not to eliminate airport lounges, but to expand the concept!

What is it?

Basically, a Jabbrrbox is a small cabin, seating one person, allowing for some focused work sessions. The boxes are equipped with “encrypted WiFi, LED Lighting, Plug & USB Charging, Bluetooth connectivity to Speakers for hands free calling or listening to your favorite tune or eBook. Some units are also outfitted for Screen Sharing and Video Calls.”

You can reserve a Jabbrrbox in advance and just (re-)enter it via a pin code during your stay. Reservation times are flexible and can be extended by up to one hour.

Where Can I Find Them?

Currently, you can find Jabbrrboxes at New York La Guardia airport and Chicago’s theMart commercial building. However, if you like the idea, you can vote for new cities here.

Image: company site
Via: CNN

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