A several billion-dollar strong deal has went through and over-night nearly all Virgin America branding has disappeared. Here’s how things will continue.

The Lucky Buyer Has Other Plans

The lucky buyer – Alaska Airlines that is – will not carry on offering Virgin America services. In a national-wide effort last week, all branding was removed from the airports and replaced with that of Alaska Airlines. As it’s not that easy with aeroplanes and their liveries/ interiors, these will have to wait until 2019 at the latest.

Once aeroplane conversions have been completed, passengers will have to live without Virgin America’s on-board entertainment system, on-demand ordering service for food and drinks and infamous safety video (see below).

The In-flight entertainment will be replaced with custom mounting systems for passengers to put their personal tablets in, allowing them to enjoy movies via an onboard streaming service.

Alaska airlines will also introduce a sub-economy class called “basic economy”, as many other US airlines have already done too.

The frequent flyer bonuses were already switched in January to Alaska Airline’s Elevate programme.

All previous Virgin America flight numbers now begin with AS instead of VX.

Via: seattlepi, aerotelegraph


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