It does sound quite bizarre but a damaged kerosene pipeline resulted in many flights being cancelled and a lot of passengers being stranded at Auckland airport, New Zealand.

How is that possible?

It was Thursday, September 14 when a digger damaged the fuel pipeline, supplying Auckland Airport with kerosene. You might think that there would be another pipeline, but in a small country like New Zealand, supplies are limited and there is only one refinery able to supply jet fuel. Since said refinery is now cut off, airlines are forced to improvise.

Has the damage been fixed?

Actually, it hasn’t. Repairs are costly and most importantly, time consuming. As a result, airlines are cancelling many flights but not all. Longer flights are starting to stop-over in Asia for additional fuel stops and shorter flights fill up more on their departure airport.

And Auckland Airport?

Auckland Airport recommends that passengers contact their airline for further information regarding their flights.

New Zealand is not the only country were flights are being cancelled, all around Europe, Ryanair is cancelling up to 50 flights a day. More on that here.


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